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Yid done good

Postecoglou presser

At a glance


At glance

Match report

Postecoglou presser

Get ahead, get a hat

LIVE Stack

Get your game day grove on

That's what he said

Fun at the funeral parlour

The size of the hole in the boat

It's raining, it's pouring the Bald Man is snoring

At a glance

At a glance

At a glance


Match Report

Postecoglou presser

LIVE Stack


Sweary Mary and the £100M man

Postecoglou presser

Managed decline

Praise & Puzzlement

At a glance

75% off annual subscriptions

Much of what you need to know

Tell your mate to shut up, and we’ll get back to you

At a glance

Chick King to go

LevyWorld™ launches new zone



They really should build a monument to Daniel COYS

Don't get involved with daftys

Same old, same old

Match report

More to follow

Postecoglou post Wolves

LIVE Stack

The end is nigh, again

Postecoglou's Wolves presser


Give it a rest

£34M and arguably just the ticket

Ange is the new Klopp, Tottenham to challenge for the title and a Maddison warning

Not very good at it



Chelsea pressers

The mauling after the night before

LIVE Stack

Meet Dr. Feelgood

Ceasefire over

Ironic cheers

Postecoglou presser

Oh no, it's The Morning Line

Alejo Véliz scores his first goal for Spurs

Double Indemnity

What cannot speak cannot lie

Let’s get on with it!

Still angry

Communication breakdown

Palatial analysis

Ange hands it to Neville

Sex sells

We're living the dream, mate

LIVE Stack

Keep your eye on the road


Nearly there

Postcoglou presser

Oh no, it's The Morning Line

Half Price wunderkind done good

Thoughts on where we are right now

Under the hood

Postecoglou presser

LIVE Stack

Message from Bruce Castle 1938

All the pressers

Fair warning

Never again

Postecoglou presser

A very brief message from the head bottle washer

"If he was chocolate, he'd eat himself"

Destiny Udogie

Cuti Romero

You're all doom and gloom, mate

Son scores, but is he sore?

He's just deleted it

The end is nigh

He's back

I don't understand it

I've gotta tell you, they're doing it the right way

A Land Rover Defender in human form

When I'm 64

It's official

Bad pundit takes #219

75 minutes that shook the world

Postecoglou post Luton

A dim view

Match report

Live Stack

Jamie Donley


Embargoed presser

Postecoglou presser

‘Exactly where I want to be’: Postecoglou on Spurs, fans, Robbie Williams ... and the Fonz

A lot of human characteristics

Betancur versus Sarr

Clear to land

Brad Friedel on the Liverpool game

He's got a point...

Pedantic and socially awkward traffic wardens

We strenuously object


Where's the next Julie Welch or Brian Glanville?

Guglielmo Vicario

We wuz robbed

Match report

Postecoglou's post Liverpool presser

Live stack

Balancing act

Big Ange Part 2

Postecoglou's presser

Klopp's presser

Two sides of the football coin

Funny old game

Resilience and steel

Torrid, but...

Can we match his ambition?

The feeling is good

Cautiously optimistic

Postecoglou's presser

LIVE stack


'I want to see some fire!'

The ancient art of voting with one's feet

Postecoglou presser

Arteta's Spurs bit of his presser

'... ignore that idiot'

''s only about the money'

Kane's exit is better for everyone

'...will definitely qualify for the Champions League'

The truth about Harry Kane's buyback clause

Alejo Véliz has landed

Fan Advisory Board Minutes

How far will the trust go?

Steady as she goes

A lack of fluidity hampered Spurs

Postecoglou presser

The goals!

Live Stack

Plausible XI to face the Blades

Postecoglou's presser

Heung Son-Min

'You’re looking forward to watching Spurs on MOTD'

Richarlison has subsidence

More, please and no bloody thank you

Is it over yet?

Wouldn't it be nice...

The Dane again, but is he playing the right game?

Kulusevski on form vs. Estonia

They call Mr. LoserThink™

Richarlison bonus round

'It wasn’t a disaster'

A tale of two clipies

There’s no class and a very limited vision

The right way to do it

Third prize is you're fired

Daniel tap dances out of the sticky stuff

Maddison and Devine

Play Doom

Just 4 games in with...

I’m not a fan of The Athletic

Update from his nibs

Manor Solomon

Under the hood

Misery loves Kompany*

Live Stack

Lose a fiver

'I will never say a signing wasn't mine'

Register your interest

Postecoglou Presser

Lloyd Kelly

G'day deadline day

A little light whoring

We're only angry because we want to love you

Let's talk about something else

Welcome to the discovery stage

What he had the audacity to say

Live stack

Under the lights

Ripper mate

Tuesday? I want to win because I love winning

We don't need a striker

Video evidence

Sonny interview

How's Pedro Porro doing?


Open her up and let's see what's under the hood, mate

Postecoglou's presser

Report card

Live Stack

May I just say, that's a smashing blouse you've got on, Ange

Postecoglou presser

Make over £700, or lose a pound

One to ponder

I told you

Transfer triage

Unlikely saviour?

Transfer triage

Invite your friends

Son Heung-min interview

Is Sonny improving?

Shake your moneymaker

The Pape Mata Sarr show

Guglielmo Vicario improved

Encouraging signs

I'm sure he'll pull a dead cat out of somewhere!’

Live Stack

Plausible XI


Postecoglou presser

Ten Hag presser

1-3 loss predicted

He's at it again

Brad Friedel talks Tottenham

Transfer triage

Director of Football

Evans Above

Kane exit bought Postecoglou more time

Gift horse?

Maybe he’s been practising

Big Ange needs to pass Kulu the map

It's a wrap

A future foretold on lavatory wall

Vicarious, that's what you are

Breaking down Brentford

'He's part of this team'

Scores on the doors

Live Stack

Plausible XI to Bash Up Brentford


Levy goes full Levy

What does a post-Harry Kane world look like?

It's not goodbye, but it bloody well is

'Harry Had Heard It All Before'

A prize anus with extremely limited social skills

Houston do we have a problem?

No, it wouldn’t be a good season for Tottenham to play attractive football and finish in seventh or eighth...

Baldy needs Brexiting

Camberwick Green FC

I might just be warming to this shrimp-tossing tongue twister

He's moving to Germany this afternoon

Worker bees, not drones

Shakhtar Donetsk indoors

Walking away from the abuser

Ghosts in the machine

You Kane take it with you

A box of your finest crayons!

The future of Harry Kane is in Daniel Levy’s hands

The Kane Ultimatum

Sensible Soccer

ITK interpretation

Taking the Micky

Goody gumdrops

A dull child said...

Airports full of door-to-door salesmen

The Harry Kane replacement?

Conclusive proof

'Open secret' is what the man said.

Grifter's Paradise

Free ice cream

Hot Gossip

Spot the difference

"Hung out to dry ...would be an excellent option for Tottenham’s defence"

I'll tell you what mate



It’s going to be a tough ask

Postecoglou Sailor Boy Presser

The Amazonian

Brace yourselves

You talk too much, never sayin' what's on your mind

Levy, Levy, go away, Come again some other day

Death Spiral

Incels Of The World Unite

You cannot be serious

It's heating up

'I'll take a wage cut to get out of Spurs'

'Results don't matter'

New Boy Action Reels


Ange Postecoglou Post Hammering

All the goals

We're being held hostage by someone with a water pistol

Awkward Questions

Enjoy the journey

First Australian Presser

'It's just bizarre'

Understanding our midfield

Leaving on a jet plane

Sign Up!

€50M should swing it

Alan Smith on Tottenham: Praises Maddison capture, addresses Kane future and outlines two key objectives for Postecoglou

Conor Gallagher Cometh!

Fantasy whatnot

'A far right maniac'

Transfer Top Up

A jolly little note slipped under the door from housekeeping

'Kane has meeting scheduled for 12th of July'

Postecoglou's first presser

Gus Poyet

£40M is too much



All Aboard The Mend & Make Do Express

THFC's Controlled Narrative Says...

Shut up you big fat childish lump

'Managing director speaking'

Gordon Strachan Is Back On The Meth

Go Team!

Daniel Levy’s Biggest Transfer Weakness Revealed

Good day sir, has anyone discussed Season Tickets with you?

I don't think he's got the legs

Negotiations Ongoing

'It's quite hectic'

This footage has not been slowed down

He's a people person

Today's the day

They've Put The Clock Back

Lost Fer Words

Atlético Madrid Listening

The Crowd Is Going Wild


Man Does Job!


Dealing With The Naïvety Of Fish Paste Sandwiches

The Descent Into Farce Has Begun

Hungry, yet?

Highest Ticket Prices In The Country

Guglielmo Vicario

Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off

Let's Do the Maths

Some ITK To Make You Grin

Look at this, don't look at that

Always wrong

He's No Sessegnon

Punch Today In The Face

Richarlison Sooo Close!

Raise A Glass

Curiosity value videotape

That's no defence!

Breaking News

What Could Go Wrong?

Under the blade

Love is all you need

348g Of Toothrot

A Cosmetic Veneer

Decisions, Decisions...

A new a point of contempt

Here are 3 Examples

Piss & Wind

Oh no, it's The Morning Line

We're Stuffed

Tip & Strip

Can Spurs Come Second In A One Horse Race?

We’ve Seen Enough

Enquiries Made For Spurs Striker

Joe Lewis Has To Pull The Trigger

The Unwatchables Win


The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Mason's Presser


We Need To Talk About Donna

We've Been Played

The Bald Eagle Has Landed

Got Change?

Can Arne Slot Succeed At Spurs?

Suck it up bitches!

We Were Ahead, A F*cking Goal Up

Entrails to follow

It's okay, lover


A Slot To Think About

Shill, plant, ringer, hoser, clip artist, putz

I’ve dropped Richarlison because he’s an imbecile

Can You Tell Who It Is Yet?

Cock-Blocking For Absolute Beginners

The Hunt Is Back On!

Lo Celso vs Kulusevski

Clamped and speeding

Since Rose West took over Spurs' PR things have noticeably improved

Bottle Jobs

Half a sandwich: It's a player analysis

What is the actual ethos, man?

Mason Post Match Presser

No Black Country For Old Men


The Truth About Nagelsmann

I call BS.

Mason Ahead Of Villa

Mason's Presser Points

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Squad

It's A Holiday Camp

Analysing Destiny Udogie

Dark And Malodorous

He Did What?

They've Decided Against Him

Mind Your Fingers

What Are The Odds?


What, Me Worry?

Tottenham/Levy Pushing More & More

Mason's 'Within These Walls' Presser Points

Fresh Fun Stuff To Follow

Due Diligence

Daniel At The Wheel

State Of The Nation



A Pregnant Go-Go Dancer

Ryan Mason Post Match Presser Points


Is This Normal?

Do You Need Your Bumps Felt?

I Love You, But You're Not Serious People

Sun's Out So Have A Kloppsical

What Daniel Oughtta Do Next

'Probably the most important thing'

An Observation


"I really don’t know what to say"

Ryan Mason's Mates' XI For Man Utd?

Press, Lies & Videotape

10 O'Clocker

Mason's Presser Points

Stone Cold Mason

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Advanced Talks: Pochettino

Silverware At Any Cost?

This Made Me Spit The Buttons Out

There's Blood In The Water

A Word In Your Ear

Hugo Had Handbags And Refused To Play Second Half


'A bit of a mess, really'

'Terry Venables wants to meet you'

We Need To Talk About Pochettino

Stellini Presser Points

And then there was one

Daniel Levy

Exclusive: '...would be my choice all day long'

Are You Practising Your Surprised Face?

Decisions, decisions

Pedro Porro

All Shots On The Spurs Goal

Live Stack

Stellini Snaps

Buried In 1030PM Presser

Presser Points

Stellini's Bournemouth Press Conference


Tanguy Ndombele

Deal's Off? Chemo Poch Has Kids

Levy Spoke With Him Last Week

“His head is not there right now to compete with us"

Lo Celso


Cheatin' Don't Come Easy

Porro Watch

Is Anyone Going To Coach This Guy?

Meddlesome Highlights

Live Stack

What Munn, Stellini, Levy Are Up To + A Detailed Look At The Division

I've Worked OUT Who We'll Hire

Stellini's Presser Points

Women And Children First

Ha! Let's All Laugh At This, Or

Transfer Turmoil

Cost Of Living Crisis Cited

The House That Levy Built

Stinks Of Another Lo Celso Blunder

Stellini's Post Match Presser Points

84 Minutes Of Meh

Everton 1 Spurs 1 Tony 1

Crisp Packet Hands Starts

A Load Of Old Toffee

Everyday Essential League Football

He's A Fighter, Spiky & Feisty

The One Eyed Client Reference Number Is King

I No Longer Support Tottenham Hotspur

Why We Are An Utter Disgrace

Levy's Bribing Them

Stellini's Presser Points

... And Nothing Like The Truth

It's Not A Crisis

An Existential Crisis

Beigel's Mann?

The Biggest Recent Lie

The Truth About Nagelsmann

Il Bacio Della Morte

Spaghetti Man Bad

Sky Sports

And You Can Quote Me On That


'I wonder if the very top managers will'

The Wrong Man

Antonio Conte Quit Last Week

How Much Does Nagelsmann Want Spurs?

Heung-Min Scorcher

Jack Pitt-Broke

Goldfish Fans Picking Horses

I Respect His Words

Tetris On A Game Boy With A Failing Battery

Nice But Tim

Manager Special

Apply Within

I Name My Ideal Conte Replacement

Levyworld™ 3

Levyworld™ 2: Shambition

Daniel Levy and The Meaning of Ambition


I'll Leave You With This

Stinkier Than The Stinkiest Fish Shop

Can You Smell Burning?


It Was Aimed At The Players

Tottenham Folklore Has Been Written

The Little Emperor Will Smile

Tony's Gone.

Conte's Last Presser?

The Incredible Tanguy Ndombele Effect


Plausible XI

Dane Scarlett

Pre Match Presser Points

The Serial Winner Experiment Has Failed

Breaking Transfer News

Is Troy Parrot actually any good?


You Couldn't Make It Up

Porro Analysis

Short arms, £35Million ONO

'Will Never Wake Up To It'

Guess Who's Replacing Tony?

Extended Highlights

Post Match Presser Points

Son Heung-min, much improved?


Pedro Porro

Let me hear you say, fight the power

How Can Levy Possibly Ride This One Out 🤦‍♂️

Conte's Presser Points

Plausible XI

Loss Of Faith & Sustained Anger


Poch isn't coming back

Where do we go from here?

The wrong man is leaving

Enough's enough

Conte Post Game Presser


Spurs Could...

Quite Charming

Tony's Presser Points

Sonny's Presser Points

The Martin Bryce Of Football

They're Already Calling Him The White Nuno

Stupid Idea Tossed Into The Bunker

If there’s one thing that makes a man sick, it’s to have his ale poured out of an ugly hand

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO The Swedish Meatball's Gone Vegan

Wolves Analysis

Wolves Away deluxe data dump

Live Stack

Deep Pocket Short Arm Syndrome

Plausible XI

Stellini's Pre Match Presser Points

Transfer Quagmire


Well Heeled Suckers Edition

LIVE STACK: Sheffield United Away

The Kiss Of Sherwood

Tonight's Plausible XI

Stellini Pre FA Cup Presser Points

April Fools!

Meet Harry Canine

Total Control Racing

Another £9.9M Up The ENIC Wazoo

🎶 Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that tile?

LIVE STACK: Blues indoors

Plausible Spurs' XI

Levy Deserves Every Penny

Stellin's Pre Chelsea Presser Points

Pascal Chimbonda Exclusive

Simon Jordan Get's It Partially Right

Non exclusive

What time's kick-off, comrade?

A Litany Of Shame


Transfer Traumas

The word is out

Our Man In The Stands

Utterly reprehensible publicity stunts

Data Stack: Spurs vs West Ham

Had to be a penalty!

Hammer 'Stack

West Ham Podcast

The Riddle of the Richarlison

Tony's tummy and Dr De Zerbi

Stellini's Pre Hammers' Points

Congratulations, you’ve won 27th prize in a beauty contest

Improve your life

How Deep is his love?

ENIC in no great hurry

Rafael van der Vaart slams 'typical Tottenham'

He already owns a third of Formula One team McClaren, get him in now

AC Milan: The Live 'Stack

Plausible XI For Tonight

Breakfast Specials

11 o'clocker

Pre Milan Presser Points

Over £200M Spaffed

Levy's £500M since 2109 claim

Levy's £500M since 2019

The Uncoachables

Stellini's presser points

The horror

Half time at the King Power

Live 'Stack: Foxes Away

Running incompetence total hits €225.6M

Looking at Levy

They've released the numbers

Stellini's Foxy presser points

Daniel Levy

Two very, very difficults and innumerable lies

£2billion, resignations, deal on the brink and a fat lass finally quits

The great Money Heist

Spurs curiosity

Lloris' distribution

Pep's post match talking points

Emerson Royal

Man City Match Data

Live Match 'Stack: Man City indoors

Djed Spence

Plausible XI vs Man City

An obscene Daniel Levy accusation


Stellini's Presser Points

It's triplets

20k+ tourists required, apply within

Who do you trust?

The onus in any sale is always on the buyer

Antonio Can I Have Your Gallbladder?

New video segue options

By mutual consent

January Window Facts

Winter Transfer Analysis

Two in and two out at Tottenham today

Porro skipped training today

Pedro Porridge

Pedro Porro

Our Name is on the cup!

Live Preston 'Stack

Spurs prospect off?

Predict Tony

Three and half days

Djed Spence is lacking consistency

Stellini's pre Preston presser points

More Perrymans, fewer Kanes

Arnaut Danjuma Signs

I may kill again

Post Fulham Presser Points

Is Harry Kane World Class?

Fulham Away: The live 'Stack

He's asked to leave

Nicolò Zaniolo

Protest schmotests

Martin Lipton knows...

Fulham Presser Points

Spurs are making a mess of it again

Conte wants a large doner

The Live 'Stack: Man City Reaction

Plausible Spurs' XI vs. Man City

ENIC are making my teeth itch

80% of THFC toilets showed evidence of cocaine

Daily Briefing notes

Conte is beginning to twist

Arnaut Danjuma

Conte's Man City Presser Points

Levy knows he isn't doing anything wrong

Analysis of Hugo Lloris' conceded goals against the 'big six'

Tony's really getting these pressers nailed down

NLD Player Gratings

Live 'stack: Arsenal indoors

Spurs starting XI vs Arsenal

Plausible XI for Arsenal

A Stadium For Tourists And A Cancelled Sky Subscription

Mother has her fingers in her ears again

Leandro Trossard

Up to 3 players could be back for the NLD

Arteta: They have a lot of tools

Last Word On Spurs

Stick or twist

Who do you trust?

Join my chat

Money money money

Emerson Royal

Bryan Gill

Pupae Matar Sarr

Key post Portsmouth points

Yeah, but we won!

Pompey Reaction

'The choice is compulsory'

Alasdair Gold's Exciting News

Key post Palace points

Reaction: Palace Away

Spurs XI to face Crystal Palace

Time to sell up

Conte vs. Stupid

Conte Pre Palace verbatim

Conte's Palace presser timestamps

A fan wrote to the Tottenham board

Journalist and influencer scum

Bryan Gil versus Aston Villa

One for the apologists

Tyger Tyger

Perisic's World Cup bits!

The Villa Live Thing

Villa Indoors

Porro, Edwards & Defoe!