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Transfer Extravaganza

Plausible XI for Aston Villa

Conte's Villa presser: The key points

Kulu quotes, Moura news, and a glimmer of hope

With added #LevyOut guidance

Franck Kessié Analysis

Anything you say, Jack, you’re the master race

ENIC apologists gotta be edumucated

Fannying about

England's Eric Dier

Brentford overview

Mother Knows Best

Analysis: Brentford's second goal

Analysis: Brentford's first goal

The Live Match Thing: Brentford Away

Bare Bones FC

Bah! Humbug

Does it feel as if he's at the wrong club?

The Bitch Is Back

Another Levy-buy flatlines on while on loan

Conte on Moura provides valuable insight

Secret agent at work?

Kulu on Conte

Humiliation Hits Capacity

Nice Highlights

Tony ahead of tonight's Nice game

'You're the Fred West of football clubs'

Levy's offered one million pounds

I've been losing my mind

Tony to quit

One of the great privileges

Ivan Perišić

Fourth time lucky

Efficiency drive

I don't want to sound like an arrogant know-it-all here but...

True change comes from within

'It's not institutional beige, it's diffused taupe'


Pedro Porro

Four good reasons to go back to bed

Romero cuts Croatia down to size

...and brother business is a boomin'

A Suffocating Level Of Piety

Don't read this dross

I'll tell you what's wrong with it all

Grant Wahl

4 Transfers and 2 sick parrots

Just shut up and go away

“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask”

Transfer Tsunami

€60M and worth every penny

It's coming home

Romero is rock solid

Transfer Madness

Talking Italian


Genuinely retarded

Join my new subscriber chat


A truly daft idea

The Don's cooked books are officially overdue

Kane quiet as England progress

Time to bite the bullet?

Worst selfie in the history of selfies?

Saints and sinners

Skov Olsen

The Gold Shuffle

Hugo versus Denmark

Our time is up

Mid-priced mediocrity

Urine simmering for beginners

Richarlison's deuce

Kettle and hob

The Boy Scarlett

In excess of £5 billion

Childhood confession

هری کین

'Channel our energies', he said

Pedro Porro

Like a scene out of Blackadder

Football London fans go wild

Pierre in his pants

England Team vs Iran

Harry Kane vs Islam

I'm a one-man band...

Nothing to see here

A free booking for every pointless gesture

Know your customer

How can I parody this?!

Well, this is awkward

He knows he's going

These are real fans

Richarlison scores!

Good morning!

Gary Neville's got form

La coupe de la mort

The Marcus Thuram File

Half price?

Bid being prepared

And they're off, sorta

Tottenham's Yoko Ono

Instinctive stuff

Let's get him!

LEEDS: Spurs' starting XI & all the reaction to the action

Predict Tony

Let's find out who he is, shall we?

One scurrilous rumour does make sense

The struggle without and the struggle within

So he probably got it wrong...

One man two goals

Unwanted gift basket of hate

What makes you think this is my first time?

Spurs' starting XI & all the reaction to the action

New stadium owners

A veritable winter wonderland

Spoken like a true Protestant

It's not all doom and gloom!

Bin dippers indoors

Malinovskyi? No thankskyi

A touch of the Poch's

Are you enjoying that helium, Gary?

The dark side of the LGBTQ+ rainbow

You forgot to put the bin out

A player Levy would never have bought

Confession time

Abjectly stupid defending

I’ll meet you on the dance floor

Oh, Rats!

Surrender Monkey Special

The moment one of our loan boy's got injured

Are you getting value for money?

The Health Spa needs to start coaching sessions



Bournemouth in game /riˈæk.ʃən/



Tactical Analysis: Sporting Liz

Mark Halsey says...

Interplod: The Sporting edition

Fish fingers and baked beans

A dog chasing cars

Glenn Hoddle's C-Bomb

Conte's chances of fixing things in January

Mummy my feet hurt

Progress Report

The smell of napalm in the morning

Screamin' in isolation, walkin' through desolation


Lyall Thomas

Do I have to explain it to you, again?


Prematch Madness

Enhanced thoughts ahead of Man Utd

Boobs, benefits and bloody foreigners

Brace yerselves

£5.19 per pint and the 45 arrests are fully en suite

Fans in pubs

Readers are so dumb, who cares?!

Send in the horses

Nab him, jab him, tab him, grab him, stop that pigeon now!

Conte Will Stay And Build With Google Money Says Respected Journalist

More Soulless Success

Brighton Rock

Frankfurt away at a glance, but don't look too closely

A message, wrapped around a house brick

Alasdair Gold, the people's champion

Football isn't for you

Look away now

An absolute cretin

How plausible are we looking?

Alasdair Gold

On an upbeat note, he's extremely unlikely to tell anyone to 'fuck off’’ live on air...

Juventus waiting in the wings?

Spurs are lousy in bed

A Requiem For Johnny Ball

They've got it wrong again

Under the hood: Spurs vs Marseille

LGBTQ flag tugged off

Plausible XI for Marseille?

Let's put £2 on the price of a programme!

The numbers

Unsung Magic

Daylight dawning

Carol Vordermann's last stand

Rich tea, anyone?

I'm getting Roy Keane at Sunderland vibes

All the components for success

Easy Peasey Champions Leaguesy

The Perfect Storm

More seasoning required

A Sheep In Wolves Underwear

Insights after Game Week 3

The Numbers

Conte's Creative Black Hole

The Numbers

Transfer Impossible 2022?

Dele Alli versus Everton FULL highlights

Don't take Chelsea for granted

The Daily Briefing Returns

The Numbers

A bloody nuisance

Sessegnon sound



Friday's Final Edition

If Zaniolo is the answer...

Your move, Antonio

Why Conte Needs To Go All Out For One Specific Player

Understanding just what we've bought in Yves Bissouma

Dilute to taste

Super dense

And I see your true colours

Have a look at what you could've Suwom

Sevilla danced us to the end of love

Accentuate the positives

The Djed Spence File

Reaction To The First Game

It's only taken 20 years

'I couldn't reach some of you with a spiritualist'

Never say never again

Swathed in Gucci, Burberry, wearing more jewellery than Ron Atkinson, and he says he wants 'to be happy'

Clement Lenglet insights

'I'm hearing Conte wants him'

Cheerio, cheerio, fuck off

'How would you like to do the bill?'

Is Richarlison the one that we want, ooh, ooh, ooh?

Djed Spence analysis

Sonny Rides Again

Tottenham's War Chest?

Public Service Announcement

Sonny shines as South Korea beat Chile

Do you actually understand football?

Detailed numbers for Dejan Kulusevski vs Slovenia

Levying it to the professionals

Crab sticks, ahoy?!

The Name's Bond, Basildon Bond

Mother-of-pearl embellished helicopter spares

Tottenham Hotspur is a Burke and Hare operation for the 21st Century

Problematic Tweet emerges from THST co-chair who blasted fans for Anfield chant